How can two voices and a guitar touch your heart? Well, 2V1G can. Not virgins and giggolos as one claimed but they should be obvious. Read about them on NST and another 15 minutes listening to the preview list on its blog got me running to get the CD the next day itself. Sung by two beautiful vocals Winnie Ho & Regine Tai and accompanied by the Jazz-Guitarist Master Roger Wang’s performance (all Malaysians!), this local audiophile album had sold more than 3000 copies (not a simple feat in the Chinese Music industry) in Malaysia itself. Audiophile freaks would pay more attention to the mention of the legendary (in HK at least) Keith Yip (think Susan Wong!) doing the pressing for the album, but for a less demanding audiophile newbie like me, 2V1G had done enough on me forking 40 bucks for it!


  • Track 3 Endless Love – flawless duet, my all time favourite cover of the song
  • Track 4 Tempting Heart – slower than usual tempo couple with emotional tone brings new flavor to the song!
  • Track 10 We Want Us To Be Together – the guitar prelude and the verse rocks

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One thought on “2V1G

  1. FK

    you know what? I did the same. I had to order it from the internet though. Roger Wang is one of my favourite guitarist all time and when I heard he was doing this album, I just jumped the gun and ordered it.


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