Watch this, Malaysians!

I just have to put this up, please watch this, Malaysian or not, we’ve got hope!

Come to think about it, as part of the techie community, what can we do on our part? Leave some comments on ideas!

Updates 20/5/08: I was suprised to hear the song on the no. 1 (aherm) Chinese radio station last night, with the DJ introducing the song simply as “The next song is Pit (Pete) Teo’s Here. in. My. Home.” (with pauses after every English word). No further details were given and the song was subsequently played. I would bet with you 99% of the audience would just thought “why the heck is there an English song? I want my XXX (input any funky tween-screaming names)!”. Without the company of the brilliant video, the English lyrics just couldn’t send the message across well enough to the Chinese audience. I applaud the station’s effort (or its parent company’s effort or just a coincidence that the parent company owns other language stations as well) to play the song, but I beg them to at least highlight the purpose of the song (I suspect the DJ isn’t aware) to clear the audience puzzling doubts! Honestly I wouldn’t pay attention as well if I wasn’t introduced to the song before this.

Updates 22/05/08: Credit has to be given where it is due. Last night the same DJ had introduced the song by stating its purpose as “a song that talks about unity in Malaysia”. Perhaps he read my blog lol. Well done anyway…

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